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The Magic Starts Now

Robots are magic.They have been a part of our imagination for far too long. The opportunity for them to do useful things is large but has been limited to the world of roboticists. We are unleashing their potential by giving developers the power to bring the magic of robots to life.

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Misty opens up robots as a development platform

Misty provides a new world of opportunities with robots for business , personal, research and educational use. She’s purpose-built for developers, has the tools and docs you need to easily build her skills, and is readily extensible via third-party APIs, hardware modifications, and additional sensors.


Misty's Home Movies

Misty is packed with sophisticated hardware and software
features that contribute to her ruggedness and extensibility as a platform.

Misty II Comes in Three Versions

The MistyII Basic Edition provides a professional-grade platform robot at an affordable price. This model comes with all of the hardware and functionality of the Standard Edition except the Occipital Structure Core Depth Sensor and wireless charging pad.

The MistyII Enhanced Edition has the same hardware and capabilities as the original model, while boosting the power of Misty’s larger microprocessor by 10% and doubling her memory capacity. This Misty can map a much larger space (~2K sq ft in a 10-minute mapping session), and doesn’t require as much map-swapping and map-management to handle larger environments. What’s more, her responsiveness to CPU intensive onboard tasks – like face recognition – is 10% faster.